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shop is up! 20% Discount!

on Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:10 pm
Hello players of Insainty Gaming Roleplay, I want to announce that we've done the shop.
You must register in order to buy somthing.

Terms and Conditions
By donating for anything on Insainty Gaming Roleplay you accept the following Terms & Conditions. The breaking of any of these Terms can result in the suspension of the received items and a high likelihood of having your account banned from the server, or being banned from the entire community.

- All features from subscription packages are able to be used strictly from the date it is given for one month, irregardless of your player status (banned, inactivity, etcetera).​
- All payments are non-transferrable after being received, this means if you make another account it will not be able to have the features of a subscription package given to it instead.​
- Being a donator does not lessen rules of punishments for any player, they will be enforced equally to all players regardless of status.​
- If you wish to upgrade your subscription package you will not be refunded for your current month or given extra time.​
- All purchases, unless specified otherwise, are one-time only.​
- All features in the subscription packages are subject to change at any time. Features may be removed or added with or without notice.​
- Abuse of any features will not be tolerated. If an administrator deems your use of the feature(s) as abuse it could could result in loss of such privileges.​
- Your item will not be issued until it is paid in full.​
- If your payment becomes held by PayPal for account/security related issues your item could be revoked or suspended until the issues are cleared and the money is no longer frozen in the account.​
- If you are required to chargeback a payment you should first contact us via e-mail at Anyone who attempts to chargeback without approval will be banned from the community.​

Check it out!

If you are done ordering somthing on our shop make sure to post a donation request HERE!
After you've done processing an order, you will get the reward in game for 24 hours!
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